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  • What type of Salt Do I use?

    Only pharmaceutical grade salt can be used in halogenerators without exception.
    No Himalayan or Dead Sea salt should be used due to their impurity, metal and mineral content.

    Only NaCl dissolves 100% in water and does not stay in the lungs, anything else beside pure NaCL can be very dangerous for the lungs because other minerals and dirt won’t dissolve in water and will remain in the respiratory system. Minerals and vitamins are for the digestive system, not for the lungs.

    Some salt rooms claim that they use these “exotic” salts for marketing purposes and expose their clients to harm. Other than pharmaceutical grade salt have high moisture and oil content, the halogenerators cannot grind them small enough to have the maximum effect.

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    What is a Halogenerator?

    A halogenerator is a specific type of technological equipment that is used to create an effective modality of providing dry salt therapy.  A halogenerator is the most important piece of equipment that providers of halotherapy utilize in transforming a chamber into a salt room.

    How Does a Halogenerator work?
        • It has a feeding mechanism where you place salt crystals into that then release the salt into a grinder.
        • The grinder is typically made of a blade and cutting mechanism that can precisely crush, grind and cut the salt crystals into precise micro-particles.
        • These particles are then dispersed by a blower/fan mechanism that pushes the saltparticles into the salt chamber room.
    Are there special requirements for installing a Halogenerator?

    There are no special requirements for installing a Halogenerator. There are however special factors to consider for designing and building an effective salt room such as room size, dimensions, ceiling height, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), salt décor, special components such as lighting fixtures and speakers that are salt-resistant, etc.


    How do you operate a Halogenerator?

    Most Halogenerators are very simple and easy to operate. There is a basic switch and depending on the Halogenerator, they are pre-programmed or can be programmed for specific protocols for feeding rates, salt concentration, size of particles, length of session, etc.

    What to look for in choosing a Halogenerator?

    Given the importance of delivering effective salt therapy, the Halogenerator is your most important choice. Obviously, reliability and quality of components is key. Customer service, warranty and responsiveness to any issues are vital to the success of your business. Other critical factors to consider include ease of operation and maintenance, programming capability, and functionality. Finally, noise levels of the Halogenerator, training, support and other aspects should be considered when choosing a Halogenerator.

    Do all salt rooms, chambers and caves have a halogenerator?

    Only salt rooms that provide active halotherapy have halogenerators.

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