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Why Buy your Halogenerator from us?

  • S.A.L.T. FX and Prizma are the leading Halogenerators on the market
  • The warranty is covered by us locally
  • Professional customer service and troubleshooting
  • S.A.L.T. Chamber maintains full stock products and parts
  • Replacement parts sent overnight to ensure continuous operation
  • Only distributor in North America specializing in halogenerators


The Salt Therapy industry is growing and expanding everyday!

Now you can easily become part of this rapidly growing industry by providing safe,  effective salt therapy for respiratory  and skin conditions,  general wellness, increased athletic performance and more! Great for small children up to seniors!

You can easily add Salt Therapy to an existing business…

    • Wellness Centers
    • Day Spas
    • Med Spas
    • Massage Therapists
    • Chiropractors

    • Acupuncturists
    • Medical Offices and Clinics
    • Health Clubs
    • Yoga  Centers
    • Alternative Medicine


All S.A.L.T. Chamber Halogenerators include the following:

    • 24 month warranty
    • Intallation guidelines
    • Localized Maintenance and Repair Operation
    • Stocked Part and Service Department
    • Quick Response Trouble Shooting
    • Salt Therapy Education and Training
    • Fundamentals of Salt Therapy

    • Effective Operating a Halogenerator and Salt Therapy Business
    • Illustrated Operating and maintenance guides
    • Comprehensive Video Guides
    • Cleaning Brushes
    • Container of 99.99% Pure Sodium Chloride
    • Have your staff fully understand the basis of salt therapy, how to explain to customers, contraindications customer service

Bring Salt Therapy into your home, view our S.A.L.T. Beds, Booths, and Cabins

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