How to Start a Salt Therapy Business

We offer everything you need to build your salt room:

  • Open a profitable salt therapy business
  • Salt room building consultation services
  • Salt room design
  • Financing, leasing and business development
  • Equipment selection and product procurement
  • Installation, set-up and project management
  • Marketing program and treatment development

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Turn Salt Therapy into a Viable and Profitable Business

Dry Salt Therapy, Salt Chamber Rooms and the industry is experiencing tremendous growth and recognition as a viable, sustainable therapy but also as a profitable, and simple business opportunity.

  • Pollution, smog, pollen, toxins and airborne diseases are steadily increasing every year.
  • Today, more and more people are suffering from respiratory issues than ever before.
  • Dry salt therapy enhances and impacts various skin conditions as well.
  • Dry Salt Therapy reduces stress and fatigue and provides overall wellness.
  • For decades Dry Salt Therapy has been clinically and scientifically researched and proven to be a safe alternative and compliments other treatments to produce sustainable results.

Benefits of Salt Therapy Business:

  • Untapped US Market.
  • Easy to enter the industry.
  • Minimal start-up and investment.
  • Rapid and accelerated return-on-investment.

Turn-key Operation

Design and develop a Salt Therapy business by offering Salt Therapy with multi-person Salt Room sessions and individual, personalized with the Salt Chamber portable units.

SpaFinder’s 2011: Spa Trend Report

Top 10 Global Spa Trends To Watch

#3=Salt Rooms

SpaFinder, the largest spa marketing and media company in the world, was recently selected by US-based and USA Today as the best website for spa travel.

Headquartered in New York, SpaFinder works with 9,000 spas around the world and has tracked global spa trends for eight years via industry research, surveys, data collection, and expert interviews.

Dry Salt Therapy not only delivers results as a safe, restorative and preventative therapy, it provides a growing and profitable business opportunity.


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