How do halogenerators work?

The same principles apply to all SALT Chamber halogenerators. Dry pure salt crystals are placed into the feeder of the halogenerator. This emits the dry salt into the premium quality stainless steel grinder. The cutting mechanism on the grinder can accurately crush, grind, and cut the crystals into precise micro-particles.  In turn, the particles are released by a blower apparatus that pumps the salt particles into the salt room.

What is the installation process for a halogenerator?

There are no special tools needed to install a halogenerator. It is actually a pretty simple process!

SALT Chamber halogenerators plug in to regular 110 outlets, and don’t use much power to function. Electrical mechanisms don’t need special ampage or modifications. To work correctly, halogenerators need clean air. For this reason, they are mounted on the opposite side of a salt room wall with a pipe coming through to the room that emits the dry salt aerosol. The pipe, or sleeve, is mounted about four feet six inches from the floor and it is attached vertically to the wall with anchoring screws.  If it were placed inside the room, it would simply be recycling salted air and defeating the purpose of salt therapy. Each salt room will need its own halogenerator to function properly, as they are meant to service one room. It can’t be attached to the air ducts because the salt particles are not able to travel distances, or bend around different corners. This is the reason why the halogenerator is mounted right outside of the salt room that it is servicing.

What goes into maintaining and using a halogenerator?

It is as simple as adding salt and pressing the start button after installation. SALT Chamber halogenerators even have the option to be programmed and used remotely with Bluetooth devices. All of SALT Chamber halogeneratorsar able to store up to nine various salt session programs, with customizable length and concentration levels. The halogenerators are flexible in design and have what they call “smart connect” attachments. They use industrial strength magnets instead of screws and clamps. This makes for easy maintenance!  During the day, two minute brush cleanings may be necessary depending on use, and at the end of the day five minutes is all your will need for maintenance!

What will a halogenerator cost to purchase and run?

SALT Chamber halogenerators range from $4995-$6500 each. Complete salt therapy projects and purchases of multiple quantities may qualify for additional discounts. Electrical requirements and costs are minimal, and the salt used in the halogenerator will vary depending on the size of the room and the length of the sessions. Typically the salt usage will range from three to ten cents per session.


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