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  • Understanding Salt Therapy:

    Not all salt rooms and caves are created equal

    There is a big difference from one salt room and cave to another.  The first factor to consider is whether it is an active or passive salt chamber.

    Passive salt rooms are spaces that contain a large quantity of salt—Dead Sea, Himalayan, etc. but DO NOT have a Halogenerator.  This is what is known as Speleotherapy.  These salt rooms and caves look great and provide a very relaxing and often soothing environment.  Speleotherapy was developed to mimic and create a particular climate for exposure of salt in the air for greater health benefits.  However, without actually intentionally dispersing sodium chloride into the air, there is little effect for these passive salt rooms.   When Himalayan Salt is properly utilized, it does provide some therapeutic affect by providing negative ions into the atmosphere of the salt room.  Learn More>>

  • What is Salt Therapy?

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