• All-in-one simplicity.

    S.A.L.T. Chamber introduces the first halogenerator that is an all-in-one, self-cleaning, powerful performance, and multi-functional in a beautiful design.

    Versatility and Functionality

    This simple and versatile halogenerator can be easily installed for using in a small salt cabin and up to a large salt room handling a capacity of up to 440 sq ft (40m2)—making the S.A.L.T FX™ one of the most powerful halogenerators on the market.

    Performance Punch

    • This is the first model that guarantees constant and even salt distribution that is capable of producing particles as small as 0.3 microns in consistent quantity.
    • The unit is designed to provide continuous flow of live, activated salt throughout the desired operating time.
    • Depending on the room’s size and the type of therapy being offered you can control the dosing concentration between 5 and 25 mg/m3
    • This attractive, sleek design looks great wherever it is installed.  A rounded, seamless, precision-forged enclosure makes the unit one continuous surface.
    • Easy to read LED lights and four function buttons operate the unit.

    It’s Easy, It’s Quiet, and It’s Simple.

    • It’s lightweight 15 lbs (7kg) and no special mounting is required.
    • Installation is simple, just plug it in.  No electrician is needed.
    • By far, it’s the quietest halogenerator on the market.

    Virtually Maintenance Free

    • It has a self-cleaning mill making it virtually free from clogging.
    • It is made with long lasting and quality tested motors and gears.
    • It’s modular in design with 4 main parts that allows for easy access to maintain.


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    Technical Specifications

    • Up to 440 sq ft room
    • Powder feed rate: 0-300 g/h
    • Powder tank capacity: 200g
    • Operating voltage: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
    • Power consumption: 35–50W
    • UV light sanitization capability
    • Dimensions: 12h x 16w x 9d, Weight: 14 lbs
    • Wall mounted, Self-cleaning mill
    • Non-rusting feeder
    • 2-year warranty



  • Salt Feeder


    • Special polymer prevents clogging
    • Continuous and consistent feeder rate
    • Easily programmable
  • Feeder Plug


    • Feeder comes apart for easy maintenance
    • All corrosion free materials
    • Simple plug system
  • Blower / Fan


    • Disperses salt particles into atmosphere
    • Self cleaning fan
    • Distributed for inhillation


  • Get a S.A.L.T. FX™ Halogenerator and Build a Great Salt Room

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