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What is a Halogenerator?

A halogenerator is the machine that breathes life into the salt cave, chamber, or room. It is a unique piece of equipment that provides a safe, effective, form of dry salt therapy. The main benefit of this type of therapy comes from the pure salt that is crushed, ground down, and spread into the air from the halogenerator.

There are some salt caves and salt rooms set up without halogenerators, but they are not authentic. Without a halogenerator, there is no halotherapy (salt therapy). It may have salt décor on the walls and floors, but the only way dry salt therapy can be administered is with the salt being dispersed into the cave, chamber, or room. Additionally, salt room and caves that offer heated Himalayan salts also do not provide any health benefits.

What else should you know?

Salt rooms may require enhancements to the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems in addition to having the halogenerator. This will ensure that there is an effective, unchanging amount of the dry salt to be dispersed, and will also mitigate and corroding of the salt in the environment.

Not all salt rooms, caves, and chambers are alike. Since spacing and set up varies by location, SALT chamber will work closely with you, real estate agents, landlords, contractor, engineers, and even architects to help get the best job done for you, and to ensure all of your needs are met. We will:

  • Look into how the shape and dimensions of the space you have available will impact effectiveness.
  • Ensure the proper placement, installation, and location of the halogenerator.
  • Create the correct protocols and programs into the halogenerator.
  • Use the correct amount and type of salts.
  • Maintain and clean the halogenerator properly.

The Evolution of the Halogenerator

What is a Halogenerator and How Does it Operate?

How to Evaluate Halogenerators

How to Install a Halogenerator

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Why choose us?

SALT Chamber has been providing the best service and salt therapy products available since 2012. We have revolutionized the industry and are consistently coming up with newer and more advanced features. Across North America, and the world, our concepts are introduced to ensure the highest quality of salt therapy is available to all.

SALT Chamber is the only company in its class to have their halogenerators certified by the ISO (International Standards Organization).  This means they meet the requirement standards for ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001. Very strict quality standards and multiple tests are no match for our products.

SALT Chamber offers multiple sizes, models, and pricing to ensure that you are getting the most for your money, and out of your location. We will make sure that the design fits your needs and your budget.

Additionally, SALT Chamber is the sole full service salt therapy business with a technical, parts, and service team that is located in the USA.  Our warranty service is local, and we offer a free consultation, training service, and toll free support!

All SALT Chamber halogenerators include:

  • Three-year warranty (extended optional)
  • Toll free and online support.
  • Relay switch to connect devices into the halogenerator directly.
  • Installation and user manuals; including videos.
  • Salt deflectors.
  • Extension sleeves.
  • One-on-one training.
  • Maintenance protocol and guidelines.
  • Halogenerator starter kit (one ten pound container of HaloSalt™, cleaning brushes, and a downloadable Bluetooth app to program and operate the generator).

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Our unique concepts for providing salt therapy will enhance any business to provide effective salt therapy as a new business or as an add-on service to existing businesses.