How To Build a Salt Room

how to build a salt room

Concept Planning and Development

  • Designing a salt chamber room can range from a simple concept to a more complex configuration. Depending on if you are transforming an existing space into a salt room or building from the start, we can partner with you to ensure your concept and vision is realized.

    We have worked with hotels, spas, wellness centers, yoga and massage studios, stand-alone facilities, and others in designing salt rooms that resemble underground cave and grottos to Himalayan salt brick rooms as well as special rooms for children.

  • Our hands-on, real world experience allows us to provide specific areas of expertise when it comes to the design, planning and development of an effective salt therapy chamber. We can work with you, space planners, architects and contractors to better understand what is wanted and needed to ensure that things are done right the first time at the beginning of the process. We work with you to determine what is the best solution to achieve your vision by understanding what resources are available and how to leverage them to develop a sustainable, profitable salt therapy business.

Equipment Selection and Procurement

The main therapeutic benefit of a salt room is derived from the salt being crushed, grinded and dispersed into the air from the halogenerator.  Depending on the salt room design and concept, there could be several options for you to consider in purchasing and installing the appropriate halogenerator such as dosage profile, controls and programs, size of micro-particles, etc.  We work with you to ensure you have the right equipment to meet your needs.

In addition to the halogenerator, other products and equipment may be needed to complete the salt room such as salt décor, lights, sound, furniture, etc. Once the design and concept is complete, we work with you to determine the best solutions to fit your needs including preparing budgets, equipment comparison and selection, final proposals, ordering and delivery of equipment.

Installation, Set-up & Management

Designing the salt room and procuring the right equipment is important.  Equally important is that the salt room is set-up properly and to the requirements.  We have an experienced staff who can install and set-up all of the equipment.  Often, our staff works remotely and partners with on-site contractors, electricians and laborers to ensure proper installation and quality of work is provided.


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Marketing Program and Treatment Development

Designing and installing a salt room is the precursor to providing dry salt therapy. Once your salt room is ready to go, you have to determine the type of services you are going to offer.  While this is often considered in the strategic design phase of the project, this aspect focuses on the tactical and specific ways you are going to use, package and present your salt therapy services to the public. Most halogenerators can be programmed for certain amounts of salt concentration, size of salt particles, and duration of time. These parameters affect the type of sessions you can administer.  Depending on the programs and amount of people in the room, you can adjust the parameters to fit the specific needs of the salt room therapy session. We work with you to determine the best ‘menu’ of services based on your specific market, demographics, and competition and develop the appropriate and marketable fee structures and projections to help guide your business success and profitability.


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