About Halogenerators – New Experiment

How does a Halogenerator work?

All Halogenerators are comprised of the same basic principles:

  • You place pure sodium chloride/salt crystals into the feeder mechanism that releases the salt into a grinder.
  • The grinder is typically made of a blade and cutting mechanism that can precisely crush, grind and cut the salt crystals into precise micro-particles.
  • These particles are then dispersed by a blower/fan mechanism that pushes the salt particles into the salt chamber room.



How do you install and operate a Halogenerator?

  • Halogenerators are about the size of a toaster oven and are very simple to install.
  • Our halogenerators weighs on average about 15-25 pounds and easily mount on the outside wall of a salt chamber so that the dispenser sleeve goes through a hole cut into the room where the halotherapy will be provided.
  • It plugs into a standard 110W outlet and uses low power consumption. No electrician or special requirements are necessary.
  • There is a ‘start’ switch and depending on the halogenerator, they are pre-programmed or can be programmed for specific protocols for feeding rates, salt concentration, size of particles, length of session, etc.

What type of care and maintenance is required?

  • A daily routine that takes just a couple of minutes is needed
  • Our halogenerators are modular in design that allows for easy access and cleaning
  • No special equipment or supplies are needed


How much does it cost to operate a Halogenerator?

  • Depending on which halogenerator, quantity, and services, our halogenerators range from $5,000-$7,500
  • It uses low power consumption and costs only a couple of dollars to operate each day
  • There are no other consumables needed other than pure sodium chloride
  • Each salt therapy session uses approximately 50-150 grams of salt which costs less than .50 cents (US) a session!